Parading His Glory

Resurrection Parade
Sunday, April 16, 2017
Departing Resurrection House For All Nations in Union City promptly at 3 p.m. and arriving at Centennial Olympic Park at 5 p.m.
The idea of having a Resurrection Celebration on this scale was revealed to Apostle Chika Onuzo, senior pastor of Resurrection House For All Nations (RHFAN) while ministering an Easter message years ago. God was challenging the church to recapture the celebration of Easter from the culturally accepted norms of the rabbit and the egg and the subsequent egg hunts. The true message of Easter had been lost. What is the message of Easter – that God became a man and came in Jesus Christ and died for our sins.
Someone needed to take this story of salvation for mankind and put it on floats and parade it down the streets to show that Jesus is alive. So in 2004, RHFAN started this journey of telling Jesus’ story on floats. From His triumphant entry into Jerusalem to Golgotha, to the Empty Tomb, each part of the Resurrection story is depicted. The members of RHFAN then filled the procession of floats with their own cars decorated with signs testifying to the glory of resurrection in their own lives.
Just as significant as what the church was doing in the physical presentation and exaltation of Jesus Christ was what was happening in the spirit realm as they paraded – they were “Glory-mapping” the land, reclaiming every territory for the Kingdom of God.

The Move Downtown

Resurrect Atlanta Celebration & Outreach
Sunday, April 16, 2017 • 5-9 pm
Centennial Olympic Park
The vision and mandate of the Resurrection Celebration is worldwide. What began in Union City, Georgia would expand to the surrounding communities and municipalities in South Fulton County. Then in 2013, the church received the spiritual release to take the parade and celebration to downtown Atlanta.
With the cooperation of ministries from all over the metro Atlanta area, they expect this year’s event to be the launch of a city-wide celebration and evangelistic outreach to the glory of God; and just like a ripple in a pond, soon ministries throughout this state, nation and across the globe will adopt the mantra of exalting Jesus Christ at Easter, proclaiming the Resurrection, celebrating it and sharing the message of salvation with the lost.

Raising an Altar to God at the State Capitol

Good Friday Prayer Rally
Friday, April 14, 2017 • 11 am
Georgia State Capitol Building
In 2012, God spoke to Apostle Chika and told him to go to Georgia’s capitol building and erect an altar unto Him on the steps. In addition, he made decrees that no law or legislation that opposes God would pass in this state. Raising an altar is a spiritual strategy to defeat the stronghold of satan over the land and possess it for the Kingdom of God. The moment the altar was raised that first day, something broke in the spirit realm. It even manifested physically as security officers ran out of the building and people came from blocks away describing what sounded like an explosion to them. RHFAN joins with other ministries and returns to the Capitol each year to pray for the state and nation, make decrees and publicly stand for Jesus and Christian values.